About Us –

Lost Hills Farm is located about an hour south of Des Moines, Iowa. The ranch is covered in timber, rolling hills and fields that produce feed for cattle.

Byron purchased property covered with rolling hills in 1994 to enjoy undisturbed hunting. In the fall of 2000, the first 6 shorthorn cows were delivered – which he mentioned on his first date with Vicki, now his wife…then, essentially, a vegetarian. In an effort to find beef they could both enjoy, they splurged for Wagyu steaks, and the vision for Lost Hills Farm was born. After reading an article about a limited amount of the superior Wagyu bloodline that had recently become available in the United States, a full blood Wagyu bull was brought in to cross with the favorable calving quality of the shorthorn. After several years of developing the Wagyu bloodline, the decision was made to cross breed the Wagyu with strictly Angus for superior carcass size to manage cost.

For many years, all of Lost Hills Farm’s cattle went to Europe because, as working parents with 3 active children, we weren’t sure how to handle anything else. Now that the kids are older, and can help mend fence, calve and rotate pastures, we’re excited to share our beef in Iowa – where it is raised.

We are currently managing about 100 head of cattle, which is a LOT more than the original 6; and often joke that it’s a hobby out of control. We are continually learning through seminars, reading and experimentation and strive to bring the best, sustainable practices to Lost Hills Farm to ensure the highest quality beef possible. We would be honored to have our labor of love included in the meals that you serve to your families and friends.