Cattle Chill

Why Lost Hills Farm

An animal’s quality of life plays a significant role in the final product. Cattle live their best life with zero stress, which rings true for Lost Hills. The pastures are expansive and include various types of terrain for the cattle to explore and our calves drink their mother’s milk and graze alongside until weaning. As we vaccinate calves, a new and scary experience, a family member scratches their muzzle to calm them.  A stressed animal produces tough, inferior meat so it is important to keep the animals happy!

High Quality Marbled Meat

The type of diet the animals are fed influences the high-quality, marbled meat product. The feeding process of Lost Hills Farm’s wagyu cattle is carefully regulated, with different feeds during the various stages of growth. During the first stage, the diet for the calf tends to be low in energy and high in roughage. At around 10 months of age, the cattle enter into the fattening period when high energy feed will be given, until they are slaughtered at around 28 months.

Wagyu Steaks

Lost Hills Farm only uses antibiotics only when absolutely necessary for health reasons and never allows growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics in their feed. We grow our own hay and alfalfa, to guard against unwanted pesticides and ensure the highest quality diet.

We typically use a local, family-owned locker, but can be flexible for customers with another preference

Order your Wagyu Beef

We promise that you'll fall in love with the experience!!

Lost Hills farm currently has 2 options available:

  • 50 lbs sampler (or approximately 1/2 of the freezer on your refrigerator)
  • Quarter Beef (or approximately all of the freezer space in a spare refrigerator)